Akron Community Center & Banquet Hall

815 E. Rural Street  •  PO Box 31  •  Akron, Indiana 46910
574-598-2112  •  akroncommunitycenter@rtcol.com


How can you become involved ?

As a donor, you have options as to how your contribution can be applied.

1) Paver Brick Fundraiser - For a $125 donation, you can commemorate a loved one, honor a family or promote a business. These bricks are customizable and the message is up to you. These bricks will be forever incorporated into the Akron Community Center's outdoor walkway and visitors will see your support for generations to come. 

2) The second way your can contribute to the Akron Community Center is by general gifting. Join more than 200 individuals and corporations that have already given. The amount is entirely up to you. Your contribution is very important to the success of this legacy project. Different levels of giving are as follows:

• Up To $1,000 - Participating Level 
• $1,000 & Over - Beneficiary Level 
• $5,000 & Over - Gold Level 
• $100,000 & Over - Visionary Level 

The funds raised through the general gifting will go towards the actual building and furnishing costs of the community center.

3) Operating Fund - The Akron Community Center will initially need help with operating costs such as maintenance and utilities. You can allocate your contribution to this fund. 

Your contributions are tax-deductible and can be sent to: 
Akron Lions Club, PO Box 621, Akron, IN, 46910.

Thank you to those who have donated!