The Banquet Hall 

serves as a gathering room for larger events and is ideal for weddings, receptions, reunions, dinner, award banquets or any event that serves a large number of people.

Capacity: 280 at tables or 400 in chairs

The Kitchen 

serves as the food hub for the building, allowing space for the community to prepare and serve food for such programs as after school meals, community dinners, fund raising dinners, wedding receptions, parties, reunions, and other social events. The Kitchen also allows space for instructed cooking and baking classes for all ages.

Total Net Sq Ft: 8,380
Seating Capacities

The Banquet Hall: 
280 at tables or 400 in chairs

Conference Room: 
60 at tables or 90 in chairs

Meeting Rooms: 
32 at tables or 36 in chairs

About the Akron Community Center

•  Weddings
•  Graduation Parties 
•  Anniversaries    

•  Seminars

•  Birthday Parties

•  Religious Ceremonies 

•  Conventions   

•  Receptions
•  Business Meetings

•  Educational Events 

•  Family Reunions  

•  Award Banquets
Or any event!

The Community Hall 

serves as the initial gathering and surge space for the building with space for causal seating as well as exhibit space for community events, announcements, and presentations.  The space also allows for transition through the building out onto the open green space which leads directly to the playground area of the adjacent Park.

815 E. Rural Street •  PO Box 31

Akron, Indiana 46910 • 574-598-2112

The Meeting & Conference Rooms 

serve as gathering places for smaller events such as company meetings and instructional gatherings and offers a more quaint "classroom" type setting.

Meeting Room Capacity: 32 at tables

or 36 in chairs

Conference Room Capacity: 60 at tables or 90 in chairs